Groomio's Health & Hygiene

Equipment Cleaning

  • All equipment that comes into contact with your pet is sterilized daily with Virkon S bacteriacide and/or in a UV sterilizing cabinet.

    • Virkon is used routinely by the farming industry, vets, laboratories and hospitals, etc. to kills virtually all bacteria, microbes, viruses and fungal spores.

      • Although Virkon can be used to sterilize the skin, and is not generally harmful, it is not used to clean your pet in case of an adverse reaction.

    • UV light is routinely used by vets, laboratories and hospitals, to sterilize equipment. It is also often used by spa's and swimming pools to kill bacteria in the water. 

  • Equipment is cleaned and sterilized as appropriate between each grooming session.

Animal Health and Hygiene

Keeping your pet fresh and clean is a significant reason for many people to use a groomer. However, booking a session every 6 weeks or so should not prevent owners keeping their pets clean and healthy in between.

Fleas are probably the most common skin issue to affect dogs and can be present in small numbers even in regularly treated animals. Heavy infestations should be treated or referred to your vet before grooming.

Ticks seem to be increasingly common. Without practice, they can be difficult to remove and experimenting using 'old wives tales' methods can cause more harm than good. If you are not confident to remove the tick cleanly, let us help you.

Matted Fur can be uncomfortable for the dog and if left untreated can cause skin problems, infections or, simply smell. Small knots are common in many breeds but especially those with longer fur. Significant knots cannot always be 'groomed' out - even by a groomer - It can be painful for the dog, can take a long time which can cause stress in the animal or, may simply be too bad to be broken up. In this case, they must be clipped out.

  • Owners are required to declare any skin/fur problems, significant knots or infestations at the time of booking so that appropriate measures can be taken to:

    • Reduce the chance of their problem becoming worse during grooming.​

    • Reduce the chance of the problem being unknowingly passed on to other pets.

    • Allocate the right amount of time to the problem and the grooming session as a whole so that you are not kept waiting and so other appointments can start on time.

NOTE: Significant undeclared problems may result in your grooming session ending early and unfinished / additional charges / being cancelled.

First Aid

Animal injuries or illness are extremely rare whilst being groomed (injuries caused by the pet to the groomer are a lot more common) but should there be an incident, I am qualified in animal first-aid and will treat your pet with as much care and attention as I would my own. Serious incidents will be referred to the nearest veterinary surgery.