Covid 19 Update

Is Dog Grooming Allowed?

Dog grooming was never specifically banned during any of the previous lockdowns. However, during the first national lockdown, government advice was confusing and most groomers did what they thought was required and closed their doors. 

Since then, official 'bodies' within the animal welfare industry have sought clarification of the guidance due to the number of welfare cases that were seen when groomers returned to their salons.

The government advice in England for tier 4.

"In all tiers, you may leave your home to take your pet to be groomed. In tier 4, you may only do this if it is necessary for your animal’s welfare. You should contact the groomer in advance to make an appointment. Ask the groomer if they operate a mobile service or provide a collection and drop-off service."

January 2021 Lockdown Update

The latest lockdown is more restrictive than tier 4. However, the government still acknowledges the need for animal welfare to be maintained. In line with this, Groomio's will continue to offer grooming services unless instructed to stop by changes in the advice/rules or upon a different interpretation of what has been stated.

  • "Essential activities - you can leave home to buy things at shops or obtain services..."

  • "Animal welfare reasons – you can leave home for animal welfare reasons..."


    • attending the care and exercise of an animal..."


The full text can be read in the following PDF link (opens in a new screen).

It must be stressed, grooming is only available for those dogs where a welfare issue exists, or a lack of grooming will create a welfare issue. Owners are strongly encouraged to consider whether their dog really needs to be groomed and what they can do themselves to remove the need for welfare grooming. Please contact me for advice if required.

During this lockdown I will NOT be taking on any new clients

Covid Safety at Groomio's​

  • You must NOT bring your dog to be groomed if you or immediate contacts have the virus or show symptoms of the virus. Please cancel or rearrange your appointment as soon as you are able to do so.

    • Should I experience any symptoms, all future grooms will be cancelled and previous customers will be contacted as quickly as possible to alert them to the possibility of infection. Grooming will not recommence until I am virus free.

    • Should a recent customer contact me to say they were unknowingly infected at the time of their appointment, the same process will be applied.

  • I'm afraid I do not operate a collection/drop-off service but being home-based and in a separate building, the only person you will normally come into contact with is me, the groomer.

    • You should not enter the grooming studio unless absolutely necessary and invited to do so, and at all times we must keep at least 2 metres apart.

    • I will be masked when we meet and I ask that you are too.

    • Alcohol based hand gel is available at the entrance to the studio.

  • Even before the Covid outbreak, the Groomio's studio and my tools are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before/after every appointment.

  • The transfer of the virus following contact between animals and humans is not impossible but throughout the pandemic, the cases that have occured have been so low that it is not deemed to be statistically significant.

  • Since the start of the pandemic I have taken Bank Transfer payments to minimise close contact between us. If this is your prefered method of payment, you will see the cost and instructions for making the payment in the Text reminders you are sent. These are automatic texts so there is no need to reply. All I ask is that payment is received BEFORE the groom as chasing payment can cause bad feelings. Please note, the cost shown is an estimate based on a dog that has a regular grooming routine and who's coat is good condition.

    • Cash payments are still welcome and, if you require change, all money ​has been pre-sterilized with ultraviolet light.

    • Card payments can be made but I am avoiding this method if possible because the mobile card reader is not as mobile as its name would suggest and requires us to be in closer contact.

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